Temperature is important for tasting Matcha Choco at its best. The chocolate should be served slightly chilled and consumed as soon as it has been served on the plate. The chocolate loses much of its flavor when it is allowed to melt completely. It is best to enjoy the complex series of flavors as the chocolate melts on your tongue. I recommend finishing with a cup of hot tea (Japanese green tea or thin Western tea). The tea cleanses the palate. When serving with whiskey, choose a light-smoke variety. With wine, I suggest an ice wine or other sweet variety. The chocolate should be eaten while it is fresh.

First, cut an 8 mm piece of Koicha and then serve.
Next, cut an 8 mm piece of Koicha, drizzle with Dauro olive oil, and serve.
Finally, cut a piece of Koicha to a size of your liking, and eat it with a side dish or condiment of your choice. Please let me know if you discover any particularly delicious combinations.

We also make Tamba black beans in kirsch brandy flavor, available separately.
Try it alongside the Koicha chocolate.

I have provided quite detailed suggestions here, but of course, I encourage you to enjoy the chocolate any way you please. For example, spread cream cheese on the chocolate, or put it between thin crisp wafers. You can just eat it whole, like a chocolate bar. It is your choice!

Koji Toyama, Yamanaka Confectionery

The combination of the fresh green fragrance of Dauro’s unique olives and Matcha Choco produces extremely deep, rich flavors.

Dauro is the highest grade of olive oil. Taste it once, and you will never go back to regular olive oil. It is made entirely from 100% natural olives. Each olive is individually picked for exact ripeness. The oil is extracted using special methods to ensure that it is a completely natural fruit juice.