It happened 21 years ago. Matcha Choco was born from the imagination of the late Kazuhide Toyama, Yamanaka’s third-generation Western sweets confectioner, and Koji Toyama, Japanese sweets confectioner. Together they created a new kind of confection. They began making Green Tea Nama Chocolate, which united the rich green of the matcha flavor familiar to Japanese confections, and chocolate, one of the representative elements of Western sweets. They two confectioners shared their wisdom and techniques, collaborating to select ingredients, blends, and production methods. After repeated trial and error, they finally created a chocolate confection infused with Japanese flavor.

Particular attention is paid to the green tea in order to bring out its characteristic color and pleasant bitterness. At Yamanaka, we only use unblended tea leaves that are carefully ground with a millstone. Supplied by Aoiseicha, the venerable tea producer known for its dedication to quality, the leaves are grown locally in Nishio, Aichi, and are renowned throughout the country for their high-quality color, taste, and fragrance.

For the base white chocolate, imported chocolate would not allow us to achieve the sweetness favored by Japanese customers. Instead, we order original chocolate directly from domestic manufacturers, paying careful attention to the melt-in-the-mouth texture that is the key feature of nama chocolate. The chocolate is distinguished by the subtle sweetness of Japanese confections and its delicate, melt-in-the-mouth feel.

The Yamanaka green tea is supplied directly from the Nishio area of Aichi. It imparts a gentle fragrance, refreshing flavor, and subtle aftertaste. Drizzle Dauro olive oil over the chocolate and enjoy the harmony of green tea and olives, with deep, rich flavors and green fragrance.

Pure Japanese walnuts are blended into the Matcha Choco to give the confection a unique mouthfeel and fragrance. Single malt whiskey is added, and the smoky fragrance of wheat enhances and complements that of the walnut. With lingering echoes of alcohol in the aftertaste, Wagurumi is a confection for grown-ups.

The unique texture and flavor of glutinous Tamba black beans is blended with Matcha Choco. Kirsch brandy is the famous liquor from the Schwarzwald region of Germany, made from fermented cherries. It brings a sharp fragrance and rich, complex flavors that linger pleasantly on the tongue.